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This “Linux Bootcamp : Command Line/Bash Shell/Scripting AWK & SED” course provides good understanding of Linux/Unix command, AWK, SED, vi, GREP to work efficiently on Linux/Unix command line.

Subtitles are available for the first section only. Closed Captioning for rest of the sections is in progress and are available as [Auto-generated].

Linux is a powerful and widely used operating system, it is free and open source software. It can run on wide range of hardware platforms like desktops, servers, mobile devices and even supercomputers. Most of the top companies in the world use Linux servers. Linux is growing very rapidly and demand for Linux talent is on the rise. So acquiring Linux skills can help you land a job and get ahead in your career.  

This “Linux Command Line/Bash Shell/Scripting AWK & SED” tutorial is designed for computer users who have limited or no previous knowledge of Linux. If you are complete beginner in Linux or have never worked on command line, then this course is for you. In this course you’ll learn Linux from scratch.    

This “Learn Linux Commands/Bash Shell/Scripting AWK & SED” course will give you a good working knowledge of Linux, especially the Linux command line, AWK and SED, vi, GREP. The real power of Linux lies in the command line, many complex tasks can be done easily using the command line. So you need to have a solid understanding of the Linux commands, and in this course we’ll explore them in detail. There are in-depth explanations and clear instructions for each topic. First the basic commands are introduced and then we move on to more advanced topics. The topics are presented in a step-wise and easy to understand manner.   

What you will learn

  • Linux Distributions
  • Installing Linux using virtual Box
  • Linux File system
  • Using Linux Documentation
  • Commands for Managing Files
  • Create, copy, move, rename, delete files
  • Comparing, Sorting, Finding Files
  • Searching inside files using grep
  • Wildcards
  • nano Editor
  • Translating and deleting characters from a file
  • Pipes
  • I/O redirection
  • vi Editor
  • Links
  • User Management
  • Permissions
  • Alias
  • SED
  • AWK

What students are saying about this course-

“This is best course of Linux I have ever taken, covers all areas what a developer should know.”

“Great course, I was looking for a course to learn sed and awk. I did not even get into that section yet and I have learnt a ton of how to properly use other commands and how powerful the terminal can be. The instructor is great. She provides good explanations and good examples for each command, and she follows a logical order through the commands that she teaches along the course. Totally recommended.”

“The instructor is straight to the point, yet doesn’t skip any theoretical points to build fundamentals around it. Clear enunciation and good pace of the course. A nice balance of examples and explanations. Thank you. It was worth my time.”

“Very easy and clear explanation for a novice like me.”

“The commands were explained clearly along with examples and multiple scenarios.”

“Very very complete & very understandable for me as a old guy. I like this teacher. Everything is well planned & well presented. The explanations are very good. Excellent +++ Super Job!! i would like to take more classes from this teacher”

“Very Nice Explanation. No unnecessary things. only subject is present.”

“I started this course almost 2 months ago and finished it today. Though I would consider myself at an intermediate level with respect to Linux, this course really exceeded my expectations and I learned quite a bit with certain new concepts viz., awk and sed programming the “cut” command. This is indeed a bootcamp programme and certainly goes in depth. I could understand the instructor very well and she is quite knowledgeable.”

“It is thoroughly explained and important parameters are discussed”

“Very nice material”
“Very well and structured explanations”

“So far content and concepts are easy to grasp. The instructor is easy to understand. I am learning a lot.”

“Sure helped out understanding how some of the shell code that I was given, that’s exactly what I was looking for.”

“The course is very easy and clear to follow!”

“Excellent Linux course on Udemy, pretty much everything covered in depth. I really enjoyed and learnt from SED and AWK.”

“This course very useful to me. I am a fresher to Linux, your way of teaching is easy to understand the concept.”

“Excellent course, I liked it very much! It easy to learn Linux commands because the explanations are very clear and very cleaver. The professor shows simple uses of the commands and also advanced ones. Perfect!”

“Very Good Course, Like the presentation which is logically explained with a lot of details so that we would be experts in using the basics well. Good”

“Pretty informative and systematic introduction of the concepts for someone new to these commands”

“amazing videos, any person who don’t have any knowledge on LINUX can learn. best part is each command is explained in details with lot of examples.”

“its too concise is what i felt”

“Course appears to be detailed and Iam learning about some new things”

“she has a very good way of explaining the course material by onscreen demonstrations.”

“Very Nice Explanation. No unnecessary things. only subject is present.”

“Very details and good explanations”

“Precise and clear”

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Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in learning Linux from scratch
  • Linux users wanting to master the command line and work more effectively

What you’ll learn

  • Master basics of the command line and become comfortable in using it
  • Learn Linux Administration skills like adding,deleting,changing users and managing permissions
  • Learn how to use SED & AWK to perform complex tasks in easier way
  • Learn vi command Editor in detail
  • Understand the use of Regular Expressions
  • Get the skills and knowledge to be a successful Linux professional

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