Linux Administration with Troubleshooting Skills- Prime Pack
Size: 14.8 GB

By the end of the course you will:

· Be able to confidently use the Linux operating system to increase your productivity and Career.

· Be able to perform everyday computing tasks from the Linux command line.

Who this course is for:

  • Graduate Students and also for those who are in job in Linux Administration & wants to get hands-on practical experience on troubleshooting & advance level of learning Red Hat Linux
  • IT professionals across a broad range of disciplines who need to perform essesntial administration tasks.


  • PC or Laptop with internet Connection
  • There is no formal prerequisites for this course; however, previous system administrator experience on other operating system would be very beneficial.

What you’ll learn

  • Linux Administration with Troubleshooting Skills
  • Linux basic concepts,Introduction & History of Unix/Linux
  • Linux Interview Questions and Answers
  • Bash profile, Variables & Standard Input output Redirecting
  • Linux User Administration
  • Permissions in Red Hat Linux
  • Controlling Access to files with ACLs
  • Process Management
  • Kernel Modules
  • Disk Partitions, File Systems Creations & RAID Configuration
  • Logical Volume Manager Administration
  • RPM (Red Hat Package Manager)
  • YUM (Yellowdog Updater, Modified)
  • Linux OS Minor Upgrade
  • FTP – File Transfer Protocol
  • Apache Web Server Administration
  • DNS (Domain Name System)
  • Samba Server Concepts & Configuration
  • Network File System  (NFS)
  • Automating Installation using kickstart
  • Networking Concepts in Linux
  • Linux Performance Monitoring
  • Troubleshooting Linux Boot Problems in Linux (Basic System Recovery)
  • Overview of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7
  • GRand Unified BootLoader (Grub2)
  • Kdump configuration on RHEL 7
  • Overview of Red Hat Satellite 6.2
  • Managing SELinux Security
  • Backup and Restore
  • Linux Commands Tutorials
  • Advanced Linux Commands
  • Linux Crontab
  • OpenSSH
  • Postfix Mail Server Configuration


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