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Once you’ve taken your first steps to set up and use Ansible, some key skills will help to maximize your effectiveness. In this course, Linux Administration with Ansible: Advanced Ansible Automation, you will be taught various advanced techniques that facilitate sharing Ansible content, controlling playbook execution, templating configuration files with Jinja2, protecting sensitive information with Ansible Vault as well as managing Routers and switches with Ansible. First, you will explore the Jinja2 templating capabilities of Ansible. Next, you will do a deep dive into roles, collections, and Ansible Galaxy. Then, you will learn how to protect your secrets with Ansible Vault and manage parallelism while running your playbooks. Finally, you will discover how to configure network devices such as routers and switches with Ansible. When you are finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge required to automate the management of your Linux machines with Ansible.


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