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At the end of this course, you’ll get to learn how to : 

– File System Structure on UNIX 

– Understand Logical Volume Management Concepts

– a TON of Basics UNIX Commands

– Build a CentOS 8 Server

– Learn how to use the VI Editor

– Install and remove packages with RPM/YUM 

– Add Virtual IPs to the Server

– Assign Multiple Network Adapters

– Starting and Stopping Services

– Modify Message of the Day.

What you’ll learn

  • Install Oracle Virtual Box Client on Windows and Mac Machines
  • Build a CentOS Version 8 Server
  • Access the server remotely using Putty
  • Reset ROOT user’s password
  • Basics UNIX Commands
  • Learn how to Patch and Upgrade the System with YUM
  • Mount a DVD locally to the machine and install packages with RPM
  • ReIP or Assign VIPs to the Server
  • Learn how to add and remove USERS/GROUPS on CentOS
  • Understand the File System Structure on the UNIX Systems
  • Learn how to work with the Logical Volume Management (LVM)

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in learning Basic Linux Administration


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