Linux Administration and Security Beginner to Advanced
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Linux is one of the most highly sought out skills by employers and there is an immediate need for people who have these skills in the mentioned career fields.

The majority of all infrastructure running the WORLD runs on Linux / Unix Systems!

Gain the competitive advantage by gaining exposure and experience, from a beginner level to a more advanced level through this course. The

  • Create your Own Lab Environment with Virtualization

This course is accompanied by introducing students to concepts of virtualization. This is delivered by VMWare Workstation Player to create a lab environment to give students the opportunity to practice and follow along.

  • Become an Advanced User and Security Professional

In this course you will learn how to become an advanced user of the Linux operating system that goes beyond just simple command line introductions. This course contains many elements of computer and network security that enlightens students on industry standards and best prepares them for how to think by  a security standpoint.

  • Prepare for Certifications

Leaving this class you will come out with value and ability to prepare for industry recognized certifications such as CompTIA Linux+, LPI Linux Essentials, and RedHat Certifications. There is no better way to compliment your academic studies with real world experience.

  • Elevate your Professional Value

Learning Linux is a benefit to your professional portfolio because it could set you apart from other candidates lacking a defined experience with this operating system. This also sets the foundations to acquire other skills such as setting up ideal developer environments or pivoting into learning how to become an ethical hacker.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to become an advanced user with Linux operating systems.
  • Anyone who wants to earn Linux Industry Recognized certifications.
  • Anyone who wants to enter IT / Cyber Security.
  • Anyone who wants hands on training in a lab environment to add to their experiences.
  • Anyone who is looking to add greater professional value to their portfolio.
  • Up and coming / Aspiring Junior Linux Systems Administrators

What you’ll learn

  • You will learn how to function as a Linux Administrator and Security professional.
  • You will be better prepared for Industry Recognized certifications such as CompTIA Linux+, LPI Linux Essentials, and Redhat Certifications.
  • You will understand how to configure and secure the Ubuntu 22.04 LTS operating system.
  • You will have a strong foundation to pivot to begin ethical hacking learning objectives.
  • You will be introduced to basic shell scripting with the BASH language.
  • You will gain a unique, comprehensive experience, that is tailored to ease of learning with little fluff.
  • You will learn how to create, configure, secure, and connect to Secure Shell servers (SSH).
  • You will learn basic Computer and Network security fundamentals that other courses don’t teach.


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