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Kali Linux is a flavor of Linux targeted at digital forensics experts and penetration (pen) testers. It includes over 400 pen-testing programs, and it is the primary tool used by ethical hackers. Using Kali Linux, certified ethical hackers can test networks on their organizations’ behalves, to see if they’re vulnerable to outside attacks.

This course will give prospective ethical hackers a short overview of the tools in Kali Linux. Cybersecurity expert Malcolm Shore shows how to set up a virtual environment for testing, configure Kali Linux, and install toolsets for information gathering, vulnerability assessment, password and hash cracking, and target exploitation.

Because businesses are connected, they are also exposed. Vulnerability testing helps organizations limit that exposure. This course will help you explore the careers, techniques, and tools behind ethical hacking—one of the most competitive and sought-after IT security skills.

Topics include:

  • Overview of Metaploit, Maltego, and Wifite
  • Setting up a virtual lab with Oracle VM
  • Installing virtual machines and appliances
  • Exploring the Kali Linux applications
  • Gathering information with DMitry and DNSenum
  • Conducting a vulnerability assessment
  • Installing OpenVAS and Vega
  • Testing passwords
  • Exploiting targets

HOMEPAGE – https://www.lynda.com/Linux-tutorials/Learning-Kali-Linux/455715-2.html

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