Learn Wireshark From Absolute Basics to Advanced in 2022.
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  • in this course you are going to learn Wireshark from scratch  .  All the prerequisites for mastering Wireshark have been covered within the course.  Such as TCP/IP Model , OSI Model  & important protocols such as TCP,UDP ,IP and ethernet .
  • You will be provided free wireshark files(pcap/pcang) , So you can practice while you learn .
  • This course has been designed in a way that you transition from knowing nothing to mastering Wireshark is going to flawless
  • This course is 95% practical &  theoretical concepts(TCP/IP,OSI Model,Etherner Frame TCP,IP) are explained with animations . Simple explanation and good visual effects is going to make everything easy to learn. 

  Some of the key points of course . What you will achieve after completing the course .

–  We will start from scratch by installing & setting up by Wireshark

–  We will understand it’s overwhelming interface(Selecting interface to capture packets, Configuring display area ,ToolBar,

    Promiscuous mode, packets columns & everything that is essential for beginners )

–  This course will teach to how to use Wireshark to analyze packets .

–  Troubleshoot Network issues .

–  Detect different network threats .

–  Optimize Wireshark to increase productivity .

–  Handle large Wireshark files efficiently  .

–  Navigate through captured packets easily ,

–  Have complete control on capturing & viewing  packets by using filters . More than 50 filters have been covered throughout


–   Capture packets from command prompt or terminal using tshark

–   Tips & Tricks to explore the hidden features of Wireshark .

–   Answering all your questions 

Who this course is for:

  • Network administrators looking to analyze packets, Monitor network activities ,Visualize traffic flow & troubleshoot networking issues
  • Ethical Hackers
  • Cyber Security specialists to detect the suspicious traffic & attacks
  • Those who want to improve their job prospect .

What you’ll learn

  • You will be able to use Wireshark efficiently .
  • You will have the complete control on packet capturing . What to capture and view in the display area.
  • Use Wireshark to detect Network threats/attacks
  • You will learn to analyze packets . What lies inside different packets/Protocols.
  • You will learn essential networking such as OSI & TCP/IP Model . important protocol for packet analysis TCP,UDP , IP and Ethernet frame
  • You will learn how to use Wireshark to analyze different Network threats
  • Customizing Wireshark to optimize your productivity
  • Capture packets from terminal/Command prompt
  • You will also learn how to use NMAP tool . NMAP is network scanning tool
  • You are going to learn how to execute de-authentication attack & how to protect your Wifi network from hackers

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