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Dive in the mind of the people that brought you quality packages like laravel-permissionlaravel-backupbrowsershotlaravel-medialibrary and learn how to program, test, and maintain your very own packages.

For all functionality that is added to a package, you’ll learn how to automatically test it, both locally and via GitHub Actions. This way you can build a beautiful and maintainable package that your co-workers, clients, and the community can rely on.


By moving common functionalities to packages, the codebase of your apps can become smaller and more maintainable.

Packages can have their own testsuite. When a bug is discovered, you can easily distribute the fix in your apps by merely running composer update.

There are commercial benefits as well. By open sourcing packages, you as a developer, and your company become much more visible in the community, which can lead to interesting opportunities coming your way.

What you’ll learn:

  • Building a framework agnostic PHP package
  • Building a Laravel package
  • Source dive Spatie packages


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