JavaScript and Node.js Essentials for Test Automation
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JavaScript started off as a scripting language to add interactivity to web pages but with addition of Node.js, it has become one of the most popular full stack programming languages.

In my opinion, JavaScripts ranks #1 with regard to the availability of test automation tools and frameworks including some of the popular ones – WebdriverIO, Cypress, Playwright, TestCafe, Nightwatch, Mocha, Jest, Jasmine, CodeceptJS and Casper.js and so on.

There goes the reason why a test engineer should add JavaScript and Node.js into their career skills.

Why this course?

  1. Covers what is absolutely necessary for test automation
  2. Tool/framework agnostic which works for any JS based tools or framework
  3. All examples are taken from REAL TIME TEST AUTOMATION projects
  4. Suites for beginners or experienced with other language background such as JAVA, Python or C#
  5. 100 + quizzes and Exercises provided
  6. The demo code is available in GitHub
  7. HD Video quality

This course specifically addresses the challenges of test engineers who come from different language backgrounds and can easily relate and understand syntax and rules of JavaScript

The course is designed as 6 weeks learning plan:

Week 1:

  1. Introduction
  2. Node.js project set up
  3. Variables
  4. Data types

Week 2:

  1. Operators
  2. Strict mode
  3. Conditional Statements

Week 3:

  1. Loops
  2. String Manipulation

Week 4:

  1. Functions
  2. Arrow functions
  3. Callback functions
  4. Promises
  5. Async/Await
  6. Functions – Real time us case

Week 5:

  1. Objects
  2. Arrays

Week 6:

  1. Classes
  2. Node.js Essentials
  3. Error Handling

All sections have enough exercise and quizzes so you can practice more and be comfortable in writing effective and less error prone code.

Who this course is for:

  • Test Engineers/Automation Testers
  • Functional Test Engineers who aspire to start JS based Test Automation
  • Test Engineers from other language background e,g Java, Python and C#
  • Automation engineers who want to learn JS
  • Freshers who want to learn JS for Test Automation
  • Test Engineers who try to implement/adopt JS based projects in current role

What you’ll learn

  • JavaScript and Nodejs fundamentals including rules and syntax
  • Nodejs project set up
  • Functions including callback, arrow and async/await
  • Objects and Array and its use in test automation
  • String manipulation
  • Object Oriented Programming in JS
  • Learn how modules work in Nodejs including import and export
  • File handling using native fs module
  • Error handling and best practices
  • Many real time use cases in Test Automation


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