Interview and Survival Skills in the Corporate World
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To go through an interview successfully and getting hire is not the Disney ending to your career story. In fact your career story had just begin where you will need to learn how to survive and thrive in the corporate environment.

There are many courses which talk about preparing for interview extensively however there is not much being discussed what happen when you get into the workforce or join the corporate world.

I have created this course base on my interest in personal development and my 30 years experience in the corporate world as a hiring manager and seeing many young professional struggle to fit into the challenging fast moving and even dealing with unreasonable bosses.

This compact course is designed to prepare college graduate and young professionals to enter the workforce and what to expect in the corporate. It starts with job application process, interview preparation, how to create linkedin profile, follow by your first job which guide you to survive in the new corporate environment, understanding different management style of a manager, recognizing friends and enemy. There will also be content on guideline on get good performance review and learn, unlearn and relearn to apply your knowledge well in working environment.

Who this course is for:

  • Individual who wants to stand out in interview
  • Individual who wants to have unique idea of answering interview question match with personality
  • Individual who would like to understand corporate world better to survive in it

What you’ll learn

  • Discover how to understand your super talent from your personality
  • Guide to answer interview questions in using your super talent to bring value to the company
  • Multiple resources to help you in resume writing and prepare for interview
  • Step by Step on how to prepare for video resume including script
  • Survive in the corporate world by recognizing who is your friend, enemy and friendenemy
  • How to get good performance review
  • Learn, unlearn and relearn to thrive in the corporate work


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