Industrial espionage - HUMINT - SIGINT - OPSINT - OSINT
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This second module is intended for everyone, employees, managers, security managers, DPOs or simply anyone who wants to understand in detail how an industrial espionage operation works and  better understand the risks associated with industrial espionage and good practices to protect their organization, employees and data.

This training, based on a wide experience in the public (military, foreign affairs) and private (banking, cybersecurity) sectors, gives a high level overview of the risks mentioned illustrated by concrete examples, the definition and examples of risks and threats, the different sensors (including psychological aspects and prejudices) used to collect sensitive information (legal and illegal) as well as the way an attacker thinks when defining his plan to access confidential information about a targeted company.

It takes up one by one the different sensors studied in the first part of the training module with the help of videos, notably from the film “Les Patriotes” by Eric Rochant for a more interactive training. Each step of the psychological and human manipulation, each technical and operational method of information retrieval are precisely detailed.

The second part takes up these different means of acquisition, this time associating the methods and tools to detect these operations and to protect oneself against them.

This module can be used as a training and awareness supplement within the framework of a company program.


Who this course is for:

  • Employees
  • Security/safety managers
  • CEO
  • HR

What you’ll learn

  • Understand the human and psychological approach used to obtain information
  • Understand the different phases of a successful industrial espionage operation
  • Understand who can be the object of an industrial espionage operation and why
  • Identify countermeasures to protect company personnel
  • Understand MICE concept
  • Understand what industrial espionage is, the origin of the threat and attackers’ modus operandi
  • Identify the risks specific to your organization according to its strategic interests and quantify them
  • Adopt good practices to protect your organisation and your data against industrial espionage
  • Learn how to train employees


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