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New to Git and GitHub?

No need to worry here we have created a complete course on this very demanding and advanced development in the field of development, in this course we are going to talk about everything about Version Control system or the Git and GitHub,

If you create websites, web applications, or mobile apps, or if you write any type of code, then, it’s always good to use a version control system. This course will teach about one of the most popular and widely used version control systems today.

Nowadays any professional developer or designer needs to know how to work with Git and GitHub. Git allows you to record different versions of your project and lets you go back in time and check the previous states of the project. As for GitHub, it’s an online service where you can share your code with the world, and also it allows us to collaborate with different developers. so you if you want to learn those things then this is the right course for you.

In this course, we are going to have a look at Git and GitHub in detail, this course will include everything related to the topic and we will learn a new thing with each new lecture.

This course will be having regular updates.

Here is the list of things we are going to learn in this course:

  • Introduction to​ What is Version Control and Why Version Control
  • What is GIT, how does it work?
  • GIT Installation & Setup
  • Git Operations & Commands
  • What is GitHub, and its workflow
  • Git Rebase, Git merge​ , and Pros and cons of merge and rebase
  • What is Jenkins and why Jenkins and Git are used together?
  • Introduction to Git-Lab CI-CD and​ CI-CD Pipeline
  • What is GitOps?

And there will be much more to learn in this course, feel free to leave a message in case of any Questions and Query regarding the course, and we will return to you as soon as possible.

Want to learn Git and GitHub in detail?



Shahroz Rahman

Who this course is for:

  • Student who are getting started with the Web Development
  • Students who are starting the Programming and want to create their career in the domain
  • Students who are keen to lean about different tool of IT
  • Student who want to learn about the Git
  • The students who want to know what the GitHub and Git are in real.
  • And any student who have the guts to get the knowledge about the Software used in the field of IT.


  • Students must have at least the basic knowledge of the English language to understand what the instructor is saying.
  • Student should be open minded to catch each and every thing coming out of the instructor
  • Student should always be ready to intake the knowledge.
  • students should have at least the basic knowledge of the Programming, to understand some of the term used in the term used in the course

What you’ll learn

  • Students will learn each and every thing about the Git & GitHub
  • Students will get the idea of what the version control system is
  • Students will Learn different GIt objects – blobs, trees, commits and annotated tags
  • Student will learn to use the version control system in the projects
  • Students will learn to work remotely using the version control system
  • Students will learn different commands and the workflows of the Git and the GitHub
  • Students will learn to use the Jenkins and Git together
  • And much more.


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