Getting Started with Adobe Illustrator CC 2022
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This class is a guide to all the tools you need to start your journey inside Adobe Illustrator. This class is designed for beginners who have not yet used Illustrator before. We will cover the essential tools responsible for creating most designs in Illustrator.

This course will cover:

  • Getting started with an Illustrator document.
  • Creating basics shapes.
  • Create unique shapes with the shape builder tool.
  • Using the curvature tool to create curves paths.
  • How to use the pen tool.
  • Using colour in Illustrator.
  • How to use the brush tool for texturing.
  • Basics of the type tool.
  • Basic transformations like, move, rotate, reflect, scale, and shear.
  • How to export an Illustrator file for print.
  • How to export an Illustrator document for the web.
  • Customising your Illustrator workspace.


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