Getting Started Becoming a Master Hacker
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This tutorial-style book follows upon Occupytheweb’s Best Selling “Linux Basics for Hackers” and takes the reader along the next step to becoming a Master Hacker. Occupytheweb offers his unique style to guide the reader through the various professions where hackers are in high demand (cyber intelligence, pentesting, bug bounty, cyber warfare, and many others) and offers the perspective of the history of hacking and its legal framework. This book then guides the reader through the essential skills and tools before offering step-by-step tutorials of the essential tools and techniques of the hacker including; reconnaissance, password cracking, vulnerability scanning, Metasploit 5, antivirus evasion, covering your tracks, Python, and social engineering. Where the reader may want a deeper understanding of a particular subject, there are links to more in-depth articles on a particular subject. By using the NSA’s EternalBlue malware as a case study, Master OTW provides a fresh and unique approach to understanding malware and hacking. In this way, the reader is given a glimpse into one of history’s most devastating pieces of malware from the vulnerability, exploitation, packet-level analysis and reverse-engineering Python perspective. This section of the book should be enlightening for both the novice and the advanced practitioner. Master OTW doesn’t just provide tools and techniques, but rather he provides unique insights into the mindset and strategic thinking of the hacker. This is a must-read for anyone considering a career in cybersecurity!


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