Getting Market Data and Constructing Indicators
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Are you a trader who is interested in learning how to build their own trading algorithm?

If so, and if you have already know some basics of Python, then this course will teach you the Pandas fundamentals, taking care of the DateTime objects, and handling errors. You will then immediately learn about how to use Python to connect to the MetaTrader5 terminal, and get market data as well as account information programmatically from your broker, directly. You will also learn about constructing indicators that work for your style of trading, by using Pandas, Ta-Lib, or writing your own user-defined functions.

Trading is hard, but it is also highly rewarding. With Python, you can put in a methodical system to build your own rule-based algorithm in order to get to your goal efficiently.

Once you have the entry and exit portions of the algorithm coded up, you will be ready for the final course of the series Build Your Own Algorithm with Python: Risk and Money Management, you will learn about how to programmatically protect your accounts as well your profits. You will learn how to dynamically calculate position size inside your algorithm, how to set take profit and stop loss, and how to manage your trades.

The goal of the series to give you an understanding of what goes into building an algorithmic trading strategy from scratch. By the end of the three-part series, you should have not only all the tools necessary to create your own algorithmic strategies, you will also know how to manage your positions.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is deisgned for forex and crypto traders who wants to learn to build trading algorithms to enhance their trading.

What you’ll learn

  • Learn to build trading algorithms in a future-proof and versatile language
  • Learn how to interact with your brokers programmatically and directly
  • Lean how to build indicators that work for you
  • Learn how to entry a trade, exit a trade, and get other account data


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