Fat-Burning & Weight Loss Home Workout | Daily 20 Min
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No-Equipment (Only Bodyweight) Home Workout Program for Fat-Burning and Weight Loss

I designed for you a daily 20-minute program that develops muscle, burns fat, and improves condition, mobility, and flexibility.

In this specially designed 4-week cycle, you will learn how to burn fat, lose weight, build muscle, improve your fitness, and increase your mobility and flexibility without using any tools or equipment in 20 minutes per day.

This 4-week cycle is designed in a way that the workouts will differ to keep your concentration high until you reach your goal. No boring, repetitive workouts every week.

Body Weight Focused

All exercises in this program are performed with body weight. Since you don’t need extra equipment, you can exercise easily anytime and anywhere. This struggle against your own body will constantly take you higher levels.

Push-ups and Sit-ups? Again?

The usual split training approach, which focuses on individual muscle groups, was completely avoided in this program. Instead, We focus on dynamic movements that work, stretch and mobilize the whole body simultaneously. Please watch the preview videos, and you will notice the difference.


The exercises in this program are interval oriented to increase your cardiovascular capacity. Right after the first 4-week cycle, you will notice that you get tired harder in your daily activities and do things that once you label them as “arduous” with breaking no sweats.

Important Note: There is no exercise that will injure your knees or waist in this program.

Muscle Development

During this program, the muscles in your whole body will be trained actively and alternately. You will observe the improvement in your muscles. The development mentioned here does not allow you to gain bodybuilding-type burly muscles. This program will sculpt your body into an athletic, beach body-type look.

Fat Burning

Interval training ingredients will allow you to burn fat. In the last part of the course, We will discuss the things you should do to burn fat faster.

Mobility & Flexibility

Strength exercises in this program are selected among the movements that will naturally increase your mobility and flexibility.

A Better Posture

As in every program I prepare, I chose the necessary exercises for a better, aesthetic posture and placed them at the points where the effect will be maximized.

A Few Comments About the Course

“There again, a simple, applicable course with useful information. Thank you…” Muhterem Çelik

“The course that I expected the most from Umut Varol came finally, thank you Instructor” Mustafa Ak

Hope to see you in the course.

Best regards

Umut Varol

Senior Bodybuilding & Fitness Trainer
Personal Trainer | Coach

Who this course is for:

  • Lack time for workouts,
  • Aim to burn fat,
  • Focus on losing weight,
  • Desire to achieve a firmer physique,
  • Want to improve their condition and fitness,
  • With a beach body goal,
  • Want to see examples of tool-free work,
  • Need a daily training plan.

What you’ll learn

  • How to do effective workouts in 20 minutes
  • Methods for high cardio effect and actively trained muscles using bodyweight
  • HIIT-type minimal workouts
  • Core workouts
  • Lower-body and upper-body focused workouts
  • Warm-up & mobility workout
  • Post-workout flexibility workout

HOMEPAGE – https://www.udemy.com/course/fat-burning-weight-loss-home-workout-daily-20-min/

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