Excel Pivots & Dashboards (Basic to Super Advance)
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  • This course has 7 sections to give you a complete Training on Excel Pivots , Slicers , Pivot Charts and Dashboards, exercises and much more.
  • Deep dive into Pivot functioning by doing different level of exercises.
  • Rules to follow in Pivots – Data headers and data point layouts
  • Know the Pivot Designs, subtotal feature, Grand Total Feature, Repeat labels, Blank lines and many more.
  • Know the tabular form, compact form and others and their benefits. Shortcut keys to be used in Pivots
  • What is there in right click on pivot options – Hidden features like refresh on open, No data show, errors handling, blank data handling and many more.
  • How to summarize the data using Row or column fields – Benefits and disadvantages.
  • How to create Pivot percentage numbers and cumulative totals or comparisons in totals like may be if you want to summarize the data on process contribution over single item.
  • Ranking calculation in Pivots – its amazing
  • How to Create Slicers in Pivots and use in dashboards.
  • How to link many pivots with one single slicer only and why we should know that. Introducing the report connection. Easy and powerful.
  • How to customize the Slicers if you do not wish to use the ready made Slicer designs – its magnificent. Deep dive into slicer formatting.
  • Learn  how to use filters and slicers to make INTERACTIVE views of data without using any VBA Coding and formulas.
  • How to create formula in Pivots and how to use that.
  • Conditional Formatting in Pivots – Its amazing
  • Learn how to create Pivot Charts
  • How to create Pivot Dashboards in excel using all mentioned above features.
  • I have given you assignments also on Pivots- There are 15 exercises in the series so we can always know how much we have learnt so far. Don’t you worry, it has solutions as well explained in detail by me in the Pivot assignment section.

Who this course is for:

  • All those students who take a keen interest in Data Analysis , want to create excel reports, produce one click summary reports.
  • Those who know basic or advance excel but do not know Pivots in-depth. You dont need to be an expert in excel to start this course. Just that you have to be data enthusiastic
  • Professionals who want to pursue a career in data analysis or business intelligence

What you’ll learn

  • Take your data analysis talent from ZERO level to PROFESSIONAL level with Excel Pivot Tables
  • Learn to use the most POWERFUL tool in Excel to easily summarize and create fantastic reports
  • Excel Pivots from Basic to Super Advance Level – Covering every thing about Pivots
  • If you have always wanted to analyze & summarize data in seconds, then this is the right course.
  • You will learn how to Create Dashboards, Slicers, Pivot amazing features and so much. Pls check the course Curriculum for more details

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