Ethical Hacking Series from Novice to Industry Expert
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FACT! On average every 39 seconds there is a hacker attack affecting one in three Americans every year!

FACT! 43% cyber-attacks target small business

Did you know that the average pay of an Ethical Hacker is approx. 88k/year in US. In this course we will learn the practical approach which Ethical Hackers follows in real world scenarios.

Our primary focus on this course is showing practical approach but we will NOT Ignore any theoretical concepts as well. We will start this course from very basic and setup Ethical Hacking Lab Environment then we will look some basics of Networking and investigate Internal Networking. In which we will cover scan types, port scanning, advance scanning then we will spend time on vulnerability scanning of internal network. After that we will see how Red Team generates report for executives and for technical department.

After covering these topics, we will move to the second phase of our course which is based on exploitation and we will start with network exploitation and networks sniffing in which we cover ARP Protocol, ARP poisoning and MITM based attacks

In the third phase of this course we will look Web Servers and Web Applications starting with Web Server Information Gathering and Reconnaissance following with File upload vulnerability on Server then we will look brute force attack on Web Applications after we that we will cover SQL Injection and OWASP ZAP

In the end we will look Social Engineering and cover Social Engineering Scenario based attack strategy.


  • This Course is created for educational purpose only, all the vulnerability assessment and exploitation are done in our own lab environment which we have fully permissions.
  • This course is fully copy right of Arsalan Saleem & SecureTechware no other organization is associated with it or any certificate exams. But you will get a Course Completion Certificate from Udemy Other then that No Other Organization is Involved in it.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn about ethical hacking or penetration testing
  • Anyone interested in red team approach in current industry
  • Anyone interested in how to secure systems from hackers

What you’ll learn

  • Setup ethical hacking lab environment
  • Installation of kali Linux penetration testing OS.
  • Basics of network
  • Gathering information about the network
  • Network penetration testing
  • Network vulnerability scanning
  • Network exploitation
  • Basics of MITM and ARP protocols
  • Network sniffing
  • Red team report generation
  • Basics of web servers and web applications
  • Web server information gathering and reconnaissance
  • Web server exploitation with file upload vulnerability
  • Web server exploitation brute force attack
  • Web server exploitation using SQL injection
  • Web server exploitation using OWASP ZAP
  • Social engineering attacks
  • Social engineering-based scenarios


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