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Welcome to Ethical Hacking / Network Security Pentesting & Nmap.

This course starts with the basics of Network Fundamentals to Advance Exploitation.

This course starts with basics with TCP/IP Model and OSI Model and how it can be used in our day to day life. We will also learn TCP, UDP Packets, and Topologies to make our base stronger and then further move on to Ports and Protocols usage with practicals.

This course covers All the Nmap Scan Types with Wireshark Packet Analysis for a better understanding of what’s happening behind the hood.

The course also includes principles for each scan type and its Advantages and Disadvantages for Network Scans.

With this course, we will learn Target Selection Techniques for Host, Subnet Scans & Host Discovery. How to choose large Hosts from files and choose random hosts, also how to exclude them from our scans.

This course will cover port scanning and port knocking which is useful for Penetration Testing & CTF’s

Then we will see How to perform Service Version Detection for vulnerable services for exploitation.

We perform OS Detection and fuzzy scripts to identify the underlying targeted OS

We will also cover Nmap Output Formats to save the output in different formats like HTML and XML. We Willa also see How we can convert XML to CSV format for Recon of Bug Bounty & Penetration Testing.

We will cover Script Scans and use Nmap’s powerful scripting engine for scanning.

Next, we will cover the Nmap Script attack for different categories like Safe, Vulnerability, DOS, Exploit, Not Intrusive, and Boolean Expressions.

Next, we will cover Nmap for reconnaissance for Bug Bounty and Pentesting.

We will cover Nmap Protocols and Exploitation in which we will see protocols like FTP, SSH, HTTP and its exploitation. We will also cover HTTP Basic Auth Exploitation and PUT to RCE using Nmap

Next section, we will see Custom NSE scripts and its anatomy and will also learn How to write your own scripts.

In the next section, we will cover Nmap Timing Parameters and Firewall Analysis to bypass firewalls with Nmap parameters.

Next, we will cover Nmap Timing and Performance to tune Nmap Scans for better results and performance

Next, we will learn how to bypass Timing based firewalls with Nmap

Next section, we will learn How to Bypass IDS and Firewalls with Mac Spoofing, Cloak scan with decoys, Faking TTL and adding Bogus TCP/UDP Checksums.

Next, we will see The Nmap GUI which is the Zenmap

In the last section, we will write our own Python program for scanning and OS Detection based on Nmap.

Who this course is for:

  • Network Administrators
  • Network Auditors
  • Cyber Security Consultants for Pentesting of Networks
  • Anyone who wants to learn Network Fundamentals in Depth
  • Anyone who wants to perform Port Scanning and find Vulnerabilties
  • Anyone who wants to perform Network Exploitation
  • Anyone who wants to scan Network Devices of Personal Network
  • Anyone who wants to scan Network Devices of Organizational Network
  • Anyone who wants to learn network scan techniques by using Nmap


  • Basic IT Skills
  • No Linux, programming or hacking knowledge required.
  • Computer with a minimum of 4GB ram/memory & Internet Connection
  • Operating System: Windows / OS X / Linux

What you’ll learn

  • Learn How Networks are connected and types of Networks
  • Learn Nmap for ethical hacking, system administration and network security.
  • Learn how to successfully discover active and vulnerable hosts on a network.
  • Learn Fundamentals of TCP IP vs OSI Model
  • Learn What are Ports and Protocols & usage practically
  • Learn Network Types and its Fundamentals
  • Learn Network Topologies and its interconnection
  • Learn Nmap Scan Types with Breakdown of each Scan
  • Learn & Discover the Host Identification & network discovery
  • Learn Scan Types Advantages and Disadvantages
  • Learn Scan Types Principles + Packet Breakdown
  • Learn No Host Discovery Scans to bypass windows Firewalls
  • Learn Port Scanning Techniques
  • Learn Port Knocking for Pentesting and CTF’s
  • Learn Service Version Detection of Vulnerable Servers
  • Learn OS Detection of running servers with fuzzy scripts
  • Learn How to save Nmap Output to HTML
  • Learn How to save Nmap Output to CSV for Recon and Bug Bounty
  • Learn How to use Nmap Powerful Scripting Engine for Pentesting
  • Learn Nmap Script Attack Categories for Pentesting
  • Learn How to use Nmap for Reconnaissance for Bug Bounty
  • Learn Nmap to identify Targets with Shodan
  • Learn Nmap to identify Firewalls for Pentesting
  • Learn Nmap to scrape Emails for Recon
  • Learn Nmap FTP Exploitation
  • Learn Nmap SSH Exploitation
  • Learn Nmap HTTP basic Auth Exploitation
  • Learn HTTP Methods exploitation to RCE with Nmap
  • Learn Nmap WordPress Exploitation
  • Learn Nmap Windows Exploitation
  • Learn Nmap Web vulnerabilties Exploitation – XSS, CSRF, SQLi
  • Learn Nmap MySQL Exploitation
  • Learn Nmap NSE Anatomy and How to write custom scripts
  • Learn Nmap Timing and Firewall Analysis with Wireshark and IP Tables
  • Learn Nmap Timing and Performance Scan with Wireshark Analysis
  • Learn Nmap Time based Firewalls Evasion
  • Learn Nmap IDS and Firewall Bypass
  • Learn ZenMap – The Nmap GUI
  • Learn Nmap Vulscan Automation for Pentesting
  • Learn How to write your own Python Program for Scanning

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