Digital Marketing Course For Managers & Entrepreneurs
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The concepts and explanations are very interesting. I was primarily interested in Instagram and now I have a good understanding as to how to really make Instagram work for me.” – Bitto

“Yes – this is absolutely what I’ve been looking for in my business – clear explanation of the platforms and how to begin. Thank you Salil and Peter.” – Janet A.

“This course was very insightful and informative. I am happy that I invested my time and money in the right place. Especially, Salil made seemingly complicated terms easy to learn. Thank you.” – Roshni K.

“This is a great course. As an entrepreneur there are so many things to manage and setting up the basics can get too much for us but this course is crisp and explains exactly what I need to know. Very good, helpful, and insightful course. This course is a good guide for marketing tools.” – Krittika A.

Need – A course for Managers, Business Owners & Entrepreneurs who want a complete understanding of how digital marketing works an overall strategy for each online platform.

Value – This course will give complete insight into each digital marketing platform that will enable managers to devise, execute and analyze their digital marketing strategies.

Features – The course has summary lectures, the secrets to success on each platform to enable quick learning and understanding of all concepts. The course also features assignments, quizzes, and workbooks to change the learning experience and improve retention of key concepts.

This course will truly revolutionize the way you look at Digital Marketing. It will simplify and demystify each platform and give you exactly the knowledge you need to start executing strategies for growth.

The course does not include how-to, primarily how to create a Facebook page or how to schedule an ad campaign. This course will instead explain to you how to leverage a Facebook Page, how to analyze ad campaign performance, the power of Google Search Console and Facebook Pixel.

Popular Reviews –

“An excellent course. Valuable contents, well-organised, and clearly communicated. Assignment activities, check points & final test support application, review & retention of material. Salil Dhawan, the facilitator, is clearly an expert who enjoys sharing his knowledge & experience for the benefit of learners. He does so with a human touch that creates interest & trust. From a learning programme design perspective, too, this course gets top ratings. If you’re interested in sales, this is the course to take. I look forward to my next course with Salil.”

– Keith Edward Bailey

Your search for a complete to the point practical Digital Marketing Course ends right here.

Thank You

Salil Dhawan, Peter Alkema

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for anyone who wants to truly understand all Digital Marketing concepts.

What you’ll learn

  • Learn all digital marketing concepts to create a digital marketing strategy
  • Define SMART goals for your digital marketing strategy and understand your role in their success
  • The importance of choosing and measuring actionable metrics, not vanity metrics that just feel good
  • Manage the interplay between brand, product and campaigns in your organisation
  • How to manage a digital marketing agency; procurement, project management & communication
  • Understand your customers in the context of your planned digital marketing strategy
  • Set time based goals that are not too aspirational but create energy and motivation
  • The right metrics for your digital marketing will get people taking the right action to make progress
  • Develop personas for your typical customers so you can understand needs, wants, behaviour and life stages
  • Learn Facebook organic results, sponsored ads, and Facebook pages, videos and marketplace
  • The main benefits of using LinkedIn as a digital marketing tool for businesses; thought leadership, brand awareness, lead generation
  • How to achieve thought leadership for your organisation using LinkedIn for digital marketing
  • Cultivate your LinkedIn network with highly targeted search that develops quality leads
  • Build brand awareness with LinkedIn pages that your employees can follow & help promote; see examples
  • How to run coaching and interview webinars to drive YouTube audience growth
  • How YouTube livestream can help drive digital marketing success for your business
  • Introduction to tools for broadcasting and hosting YouTube livestream webinars


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