– Design and Code in Framer X


Framer X is taking a huge leap into the future. It’s the only design tool that allows you to create code components that can be used in an actual React site. This can be insanely useful for your design system without disconnecting the design from code, or adding extra layers in between. Your Framer X components can be a single source of truth. You can seamlessly sync your React components between Framer X and your favorite code editor. Developers can truly collaborate with designers on creating consistent and production-ready components.

In this course, you’ll learn how to design layouts and icons from scratch. As you get more familiar with how Framer X works on a foundation level, we’ll dive into their powerful components and override system, and also, their stack tool which allows you to build truly adaptive layouts effortlessly. Then, we’ll build a quick prototype with zero code that connects all the screens together using beautiful transitions and scroll.




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Size: 2.12 GB