Data Science for AI and Machine Learning Using Python
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Becoming Data Science professional (Data Scientist) is a long journey and need guidance from seasoned Data Science professional (Chief Data Scientist). We are trying to manage the journey such a way that you learn right skills and in the right way. The whole concepts of the course are to make you ready for Data Science projects, mainly in Machine learning and AI projects. You will learn

1. Foundation of Machine learning

2. Supervised Machine learning – Regression

3. Supervised Machine learning – Classifications

4. Unsupervised Machine learning (Clustering, KNN, PCA)

5. Text Analytics

6. Time Series

Who this course is for:

  • 1. Want to work in AI/ML. 2. Already working in AI/ML. 3. Like to bring Insight from Data

What you’ll learn

  • 1. The content (80% hands on and 20% theory) will prepare you to work independently on Data Science (AI and Machine learning) project
  • 2. Foundation of Machine learning
  • 3. Supervised Machine learning – Regression
  • 4. Supervised Machine learning – Classifications
  • 5. Unsupervised Machine learning (Clustering, KNN, PCA)
  • 6. Text Analytics
  • 7. Time Series


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