Cybersecurity Threat Hunting for SOC Analysts
Size: 5.75 GB

Zeek + Suricata.



Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics.

TCPdump + ngrep

Wireshark + tshark.

Wait, I’m not done.




Bad Blood.

Detection Lab.

Metasploit + msfvenom + Meterpreter + Process Injection.


OS Query.

Velociraptor + Memory Forensics.

Taking a breath… one sec… okay..



MITRE Caldera.

Prelude Operator.

Atomic Red Team.

Purple Sharp.

Boss of the SOC???


This is one course. One source.  One resource that has the potential to change your professional life.

Check out the free content and level up your cyber skills by learning how to become a threat hunter…

Everything is step by step.

You will learn how to detect advanced threat actors on enterprise networks…

How will you learn this?

By building a modern lab replete with a Domain Controller, Windows 10 endpoint instrumented with Powershell logging, Sysmon, OS Query, Velociraptor and more.  

You will attack and detect threats like a pro. 

This was the dream course I wish I had when I was getting into cyber.

Everything is carefully, patiently and thoughtfully explained. 

It took me two months to build this course and I’ve poured my heart and soul into every lecture. 

If you’re trying to get into cybersecurity from another career or you’re curious how the bad guys breach and persist in networks then this course is for you.  I’ve not held anything back.  Everything you need to become a competent threat hunter is included in over 8 hours of content.

Are you ready?

I am! sign-up now and let’s get started!

Who this course is for:

  • New Security Operations Center (“SOC”) analysts
  • New and Intermediate Cyber Threat Hunters
  • New and Intermediate Penetration Testers
  • New and Intermediate Red Team Operators
  • Cybersecurity Managers
  • IT professionals (trying to get into cyber)
  • Accountants, Lawyers and… really ANYONE curious about Cybersecurity!

What you’ll learn

  • Finally feel like you KNOW what you’re talking about (say goodbye to imposter syndrome)
  • Find zero-day network threats and malware in modern enterprise networks.
  • Use industry standard security tools to detect evil in organization networks.
  • Execute offensive hacking tools to generate telemetry for detection engineering.
  • Build a self-contained hacking lab, hosted on your laptop, to practice and building cyber confidence
  • Learn advanced Linux and Powershell command line tricks specifically crafted for threat hunting!


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