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It is becoming increasingly important to design and develop adaptive, robust, scalable, reliable, security and privacy mechanisms for IoT applications and for Industry 4.0 related concerns. This book serves as a useful guide for researchers and industry professionals and will help beginners to learn the basics to the more advanced topics.

Along with exploring security and privacy issues through the IoT ecosystem and examining its implications to the real-world, this book addresses cryptographic tools and techniques and presents the basic and high-level concepts that can serve as guidance for those in the industry as well as help beginners get a handle on both the basic and advanced aspects of security related issues. The book goes on to cover major challenges, issues, and advances in IoT and discusses data processing as well as applications for solutions, and assists in developing self-adaptive cyberphysical security systems that will help with issues brought about by new technologies within IoT and Industry 4.0.

This edited book discusses the evolution of IoT and Industry 4.0 and brings security and privacy related technological tools and techniques onto a single platform so that researchers, industry professionals, graduate, postgraduate students, and academicians can easily understand the security, privacy, challenges and opportunity concepts and make then ready to use for applications in IoT and Industry 4.0.

HOMEPAGE –…Cybersecurity-Ambient-Technologies-IoT-and-Industry-40-Implications/Kumar-Singh-Saini/p/book/9780367702168

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