Create E-commerce Website With PHP & MySql
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This courses teaches you how to create an e-commerce website using PHP and MySql.

It’s almost impossible to run a successful business without having e-commerce website these days. Businesses that don’t use technology will be out of business sooner than they think if they don’t start incorporating technology into their business plan. Hence, learning how to build an e-commerce store that lets customers shop from you will give you the opportunity to build a real-world, in-demand project and will open up the door of opportunity for you to become a professional PHP developer.

With over 20 hours of video content. First, you will learn how to create a complete e-commerce template using HTML, CSS & Bootstrap, then you will learn how to install PHP environment, then you will be taught the most important parts of this projects such as creating a cart and letting customers checkout. Moreover, you will be taught how to integrate Paypal Payment system and how to build a complete Admin Dashboard to manage the business. Also, you will be taught how to make the design user-friendly.

By the end of this course you will have built a project using PHP programming language that is capable of letting customers shop and buy products online while you have a control over the business and the website through the admin dashboard .

Who this course is for:

  • PHP developers
  • Web developers

What you’ll learn

  • Setting up PHP environment
  • Create files and directories in PHP
  • Working on the user-interface
  • Incorporating Bootstrap
  • Working on the design of every single page in the ecommerce store
  • Making the design responsive
  • How to create a database
  • How to get products from database
  • How to add products to cart
  • How to remove products from cart
  • How to increase and decrease product quantity
  • How to place an order and checkout
  • How to integrate Paypal payment system
  • How to let customers pay using Paypal
  • How to build an Admin Dashboard to control products and orders
  • How to mange orders and shipments
  • How to cancel orders
  • How to insert products into your store
  • How to update products info and images
  • And much much more…


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