Crash Course for Active Directory, DHCP & DNS for Beginners
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Make no mistake, this is hands on training about AD, DHCP and DNS. This scenario is what you can expect at an actual Tech Support job. There is no time wasted on slide presentations because you need immediate and real knowledge to be successful.

This is a Practical Training video, meaning that it’s based on real life scenarios, same as if you were going to work for some company that uses AD, DHCP and DNS based Windows Server.

This is accomplished by verbal explanations, system navigation and demonstration.

It is recommended but not required to have entry level experience when taking this course. People without experience can learn a lot from this course; but basic and working knowledge of computers is highly recommended because of the course pace.

Working Tech Support is the first stepping stone to successful and profitable career in IT. After you work Tech Support, as little as six months of experience is enough for you to get promoted. This is why it’s super important to have working knowledge of computer systems.

My videos are are the best starting point because everything I instruct is based of real life experience. I have 17 years of experience working in IT and for those reasons I am sharing my knowledge. 

Who this course is for:

  • This is a practical learning course requirement for Tech Support personnel.
  • This is not a course that shows you how to create and configure Windows Server OS.

What you’ll learn

  • You will learn required AD, DHCP and DNS knowledge for Tech Support.
  • You will learn Practical Active Directory.
  • You will learn Practical DHCP.
  • You will learn Practical DNS.


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