Configuring Palo Alto Firewall to run on EVE-NG
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This course will show you how to use Palo Alto Firewall Image in EVE-NG to allow a PC in your lab environment to connect to the internet. The configurations that you will learn could be used for proof of concept in your company’s UAT environment(s).

A few of the commands that are going to be used in this course:

From CLI:

This is normal mode:  admin@PA-VM>

To enter configuration mode from normal mode:

“admin@PA-VM>configuration <press enter>

This is Configuration mode: admin@PA-VM#

Please note the different indicators of each mode:

” > ” indicates the normal mode

” ” indicates configuration modes.

From Config mode:

“admin@PA-VM#set deviceconfig system type static

This command tells the system to use a static IP Address. We normally use a static IP Address for the Management interface.

Imagine being able to significantly increase your chances of Stopping Zero-Day Threats in Zero Time with one of, if not the world’s most advanced ML-Powered NGFW. It is not easy to stay ahead of threats in an environment that is constantly evolving and changing.

Having one of the world’s most advanced Next Generation Firewall expertly configured and effectively deployed will,

I think, increases your chances of staying ahead of and thwarting the creative efforts of bad actors in the cyber security space.

No Cyber Security/Network professional wants to be in charge of a network infrastructure that has the very best equipment that money can buy, but, said equipment is poorly configured.

That is why Cyber Security professionals are always improving and expanding their knowledge and understanding of the ever-changing landscape as far as cyber threats are concerned.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for Firewall Admins and persons who just want to learn a new skill.

What you’ll learn

  • This course is for persons preparing for Palo Alto Certifications using EVE-NG
  • If you are wondering about using EVE-NG for your Palo Alto Lab studies. I think this course will help you.
  • This course can aide in proof of concept in terms of Palo Alto Firewall configurations and testing before production deployment.
  • This course will show just how versatile EVE-NG is.


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