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This course is an advanced and in-depth guide to arguably the most important part of a Director of Photography’s job: designing the lighting.

Rather than demonstrating techniques in isolation in a studio, this course takes place entirely on location. The intent is to show the realities of creating beautiful lighting while dealing with the usual challenges of real independent film production, like time, weather and equipment, as well as meeting the requirements of the script.

The course consists of four modules: Day Exterior, Day Interior, Night Interior and Night Exterior. Each module follows the blocking, lighting and shooting of a short scripted scene (inspired by the fantasy web series Ren: The Girl with the Mark) with two actors in full costume. Watch experienced Director of Photography Neil Oseman and his team set up all the fixtures, control the light with flags and rags, and make adjustments when the camera moves around for the coverage. Every step of the way, Neil explains what he’s doing and why, as well as the alternatives you could consider for your own films. Each module concludes with the final edited scene so that you can see the end result.

Who this course is for:

  • Cinematography students
  • Camera operators looking to move up to Director of Photography
  • Corporate/industrial filmmakers looking to move into drama
  • Indie filmmakers looking to increase their production values


  • Students should have a grasp of basic cinematography concepts like white balance and depth of field.
  • A familiarity with the principle of three-point lighting will be useful, but not essential.

What you’ll learn

  • How to create depth and contrast in your shots
  • How to light for both the master shot and the coverage
  • How and when to use HMI, fluorescent, LED and traditional tungsten lighting
  • How to use natural light to your advantage, and how to mould it
  • How to use a light meter and false colours to correctly expose your image
  • How to use smoke or haze to create atmosphere
  • How to simulate sunlight, moonlight and firelight

HOMEPAGE – https://www.udemy.com/course/cinematic-lighting/

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