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This Chemistry Course on Chemical Reaction & Equations is an intermediary class course designed from the perspective of school education & learning. This course covers the general syllabus related to the topic Chemical Reactions & Equations.

This course provides general knowledge & conceptual understanding in basic fundamentals & concepts of chemical reactions & equations. This also makes us learn about chemical reactions & their impact in our daily life.

Further it provide concept in balancing of equations & details for different types of chemical reactions.

It also helps in understanding the major cause of Corrosion & Rancidity.

It also includes Quiz and Practical Lab Projects & Experiments on different sections of this course.

This course can be enrolled for:

  • Science Students
  • Crash course & concept revision in the topic
  • Secondary & high school level
  • Beginner & Intermediate Learning Students
  • School board exam preparation
  • Competitive exam (like NEET, IIT)
  • National & International Olympiads
  • Preparing international students for levels AQA, OCR, GCSC (I & II)
  • Any student interested in learning (no prerequisite knowledge required)

Who this course is for:

  • Science Students
  • Secondary & High School Students
  • Beginner & Intermediate for Chemical Reaction
  • Crash Course & Concept Revision
  • School Board & Competitive Exam (like NEET, IIT) Preparation
  • National & International Olympiads Preparation


  • This course doesn’t require any prerequisite knowledge in Chemistry or any other subject. But, It will be better if you have basic understanding of atomic & molecular structures

What you’ll learn

  • Chemical Reaction
  • Chemical Equations
  • Balancing of Chemical Equation
  • Types of Chemical Reaction
  • Oxidation-Reduction Reaction
  • Redox Reaction
  • Corrosion
  • Rancidity
  • Terminology of Chemical Reaction


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