C Programming Hands On Complete
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This course presents C using over 500 programs you can cut and paste into your compiler and put to immediate use.

The course starts with the basics. You will create your first C program and have it running in only a few minutes. From there, you will learn every aspect of C programming. You will learn also learn advanced concepts such as pointers, command-line processing, input/output redirection, files, and data structures.

Every concept is presented with ready-to-run programs you can test and edit to make your own.

There is no better way to learn C.

To create C programs, programmers normally install a C compiler on their system. This course will also show you how to use Web-based C compilers so you can write and run programs from any computer at any time!

Coders code! This course will give you hundreds of applications that let you do just that.

Items covered:

  • Getting started
  • Types and variables
  • Using printf
  • Conditional (if-else) processing
  • Iterative (looping) processing
  • Constants and macros
  • Creating and calling functions
  • The Standard C library
  • Using Character Strings
  • Building Your Own String Library
  • Pointers (to variables, structures, and even functions)
  • File operations
  • Command-line processing
  • I/O redirection
  • Structures
  • Searching and sorting
  • Dynamic memory allocation and data structures (linked lists, doubly-linked lists, and binary trees)

So get ready to have fun and learn everything you need to know about C programming.

Who this course is for:

  • C programmers at all levels

What you’ll learn

  • All aspects of C programming. From your first program to advanced concepts.

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