C++ for Absolutely beginners.. Very Simple, Easiest Way...
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Hi. I’m Otar Murmanishvili, from Georgia. Master Student of Engineering Physics, Faculty of Informatics and Control Systems of Georgian Technical University. I’m in love to code on C++. I made this course to make it easier to teach juniors C++, which is hard for most of them. I have top #200 place on Olympic programming site:  eolymp com.

You can check user link from here:  eolymp  com/en/users/OtarMurmanishvili

Make Sure to write eolymp and com together with  “.” 

I am also winner of the book “Personal data security actual problems and decisions” and the co-author of the Essay: “Students personal data security during covid-19 pandemic”.

In this course you will learn how to learn C++ from the beginning. Course is for Absolutely beginners. C++ is good start to learn any other language. You have chance to learn great algorithms ever have made.

We have to learn some knowledge about data types, constructions, structures, some containers, that will simplify your job. Map, Set, Multiset, Vector, double dimensional arrays, Array, Stack, Queue, Deque and So on.

Also You can take certificate, from udemy, that you have done my course. Everything that you will learn with or without me together makes you stronger for new battles in the IT world.

Wish you good luck, health and more and more code solved by your hands and minds!

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners Who want to start it/coding life.

What you’ll learn

  • You will learn how to learn… I will just lead your way from zero to hero <3
  • You will need to learn without stop. Try to make more questions. Questions will give you answers..
  • You need to know minimal knowledge from school math. Minimal…
  • From first steps to the last.

HOMEPAGE – https://www.udemy.com/course/cppbeginnereasiest/

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