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Throughout the developed world there is an invisible glass ceiling above the middle-class… Keeping average people from getting ahead.

Mortgage debt… Auto debt… Credit card debt… Student loan debt… Rising costs of living… Exploding health care costs… Stagnant wages… Artificially low interest rates… Globalization… Automation… Robotics… Artificial intelligence…

It all conspires to keep the glass ceiling just overhead.

But there is a way out. Financial independence is more possible than ever in the Information Age.

You won’t shatter the glass ceiling playing their game, however. To achieve financial freedom, you need a new game… a new set of rules.

You need a new perspective.

Simply contributing to a 401(k) or buying a basket of mutual funds just isn’t going to cut it. Not in today’s world.

You see, most of the conventional wisdom is dangerous when it comes to personal finance. There may be nuggets of truth in the mainstream messages… But they approach finance as if it were a static institution.

They do not explore money and monetary history. They do not analyze macroeconomic trends. They certainly don’t cover the intricacies of the capital markets with central bank interventions.

Who this course is for:

  • Tired of the same old “personal finance for dummies” advice? This course will show you how to build an asset portfolio like the experts!
  • Looking to integrate advanced risk management techniques into your financial plan? This course will deliver!
  • Are you well-versed in personal finance but looking for advanced strategies? This course will show you how to leverage prominent macroeconomic trends to scale your income and build wealth.
  • Are you a young professional just getting started in your career? This course will show you exactly how to master your finances and start planning for retirement.
  • Are you worried about how artificial intelligence and automation will impact your job? This course will give you the tools you need to thrive in the economy of tomorrow. More importantly, this series will impart the mindset you need to overcome all obstacles you face.
  • Are you a professional approaching retirement? This course will show you how to secure your finances, structure your assets in a conservative way, and set yourself up for a worry-free retirement.

What you’ll learn

  • Construct and implement a personalized asset allocation model
  • Learn how to spread capital across several different asset classes to create antifragility
  • Determine a proper cash allocation
  • Acquire precious metals for home and overseas storage
  • Acquire real estate with advantageous financing terms
  • Build a stock portfolio utilizing expert risk management tools
  • Analyze and acquire low-risk bonds at a discount to par
  • Effectively manage an asset portfolio using a customized spreadsheet
  • Buy, sell, and trade Bitcoin using proper security practices
  • Understand what Bitcoin is… And why it is here
  • Learn how to make money in the markets, even when stocks fall
  • Learn the fundamentals of options trading
  • See why options are not the high risk asset most think
  • Implement advanced option strategies to generate extra income every month

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