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I used to struggle coming up with course ideas. Not any more. Not anymore. Now I know the best type of subject and where to find endless profitable course ideas.

You’re about to discover how to do the same.

There are other methods being taught. This is the one I always use. Because it works.

I have come up with this system through trial and error. It’s been a long journey. Let me save you a lot of time by sharing with you what I’ve discovered.

I will show you step-by-step everything you need to do to find endless profitable course ideas.

I’ll show you where you can find never ending course subject ideas.

I’ll tell you the easy way to know if your subject will sell.

You’re about to discover:

  • The easiest and most profitable course subject (It makes it so easy to create your course. Students, including me, absolutely love it.)
  • What students don’t want and want instead
  • How do you easily find these subjects?
  • Four things you already have that students want
  • Subjects you didn’t know you can teach
  • Do you need to be an expert?
  • Amazing list of endless ideas (There’s millions and new ones added daily.)
  • Another great place to find ideas
  • Brilliant source of ideas and also content
  • Where experts tell you the best subjects (They spend millions to discover these subject.)
  • Very profitable idea you’ve probably never considered (This one has a massive desperate audience.)
  • Two places that tell you if your subject sells
  • Three things make your course very desirable (If you offer one, two or all three, you will get more students.)
  • How to get students to choose your course (Secret to making your course the best.)
  • How to get the largest audience
  • What is the perfect course subject?

Who this course is for:

  • New course instructors
  • Experienced instructors


  • Desire to create courses about subjects students want
  • Would like to create online courses faster

What you’ll learn

  • Find endless course subject ideas in minutes
  • Always have a subject that’s easier to create a course with
  • Lists of endless profitable course subjects
  • Find out in minutes if your course subject will sell
  • Three things that make your course very desirable
  • How to make your course the student’s choice


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