Basic Mathematics
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These short video clips cover the Math curriculum for any grade. Everything is simplified, visual and auditory, with printable worksheets added to almost every lesson. Once you have signed up for this course, you can go back to any lessons for a review, or go and check on information that you need for work to be done later in the course.

Fill in those gaps that confuse you in the classroom, catch up without a tutor (and at a lower cost, too). In all, there will be around 30 lectures.

At the same time, you are able to contact your course presenter with any questions via an email or message. The Question and Answer section should also assist with that.

Susan Allin is a qualified teacher with more than 25 years’ teaching experience. It is her passion to get her students to experience that “AHA!” moment, where everything falls into place. Her motto is: The answer is important, but the PROCESS is even more so.

There is such an unfair stigma attached to Mathematics, which this course will help to dispel. You DO NOT need to be a genius to solve the problems you are faced with. Even parents would confirm your worst fears by stating that they were really bad at Math! If explained correctly, as in this course, EVERYONE can do it!

Gain confidence, get rid of that dread when faced with Math. Open up your world to so many more possibilities! Math is so essential in so many spheres of our lives. We use it without even being aware of doing so – working out how much money we have left till the end of the month; can we afford to have a child, a trip to visit family, move out of the parents’ home and into our own place?

So, sign up, change your future!

Who this course is for:

  • School-going to adults: anyone needing to learn the basics of Mathematics

What you’ll learn

  • Understanding of basic Mathematical terminology
  • Understanding operations of numbers
  • Gain confidence in solving number and word problems
  • Find solutions to algebraic equations with ease
  • Learn about shape and space
  • Understand measurements
  • Learn about representing and interpreting data
  • Master the basics of Mathematics


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