Artificial Intelligence for Beginners: Understand the basics
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This course takes you on a journey to demystify Artificial Intelligence. We start with a historical perspective and understand the journey of AI through time. We learn about the term artificial intelligence and its origins. We then define the term in the current context.

Once these basics are clear, we move on to Understand the various types of Artificial Intelligences like Regression, Classification and Clustering. We also look at reinforced learning and its uses. We talk about each of these in detail along with some real-life examples. We also Take a look back at some real-life artificial intelligence examples like a self-driving car and try to Segment the AI used in this into constituent components like regression classification and clustering.

Once equipped with the basic understanding, we define the parts of Artificial Intelligence systems in detail and use real life examples to clarify concepts. The parts like input data, algorithm and output are pretty much common across artificial intelligence models. Having a clear understanding of these as well as their limitations is necessary for strong foundations in the subject.

Finally, we develop our own usable AI models. These models are created using no-code method but are completely customizable. In fact, you can even download the code for the AI models that you have created and use it as you would like it. You will define the input, select the algorithm to be used and finally will also evaluate the output produced by the model.

The models we create are:

  • Image Detection Model
  • Pose Detection Model
  • Audio Detection Model

The course is supposed to be purchased by adults over the age of 18. In case kids want to enroll for the course, course must still be purchased by a parent or guardian and be watched under supervision.

Who this course is for:

  • This course has been developed for anyone who wants to get a basic understanding of what Artificial Intelligence is. It’s ideal for anyone who has heard the term but doesn’t really know what it entails.
  • This course WILL NOT involve coding. You’ll develop Artificial Intelligence models using your own dataset but without coding.

What you’ll learn

  • Define Artificial Intelligence and understand the History around this term
  • Understand the different types of Artificial Intelligence
  • Get clarification on different parts of Artificial Intelligence
  • Develop a complete Artificial Intelligence Model that could be used to detect visual/sound elements


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