Angular Practicals
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Practicals and trainings are two different aspects. It requires deep understandings when we apply our knowledge with real problems. I am into Angular since it’s inception and almost familiar with all the practical problems a newbie can face. Often as a new developer we focus on delivery of task on time rather than quality of code which results in technical debt or code smell.

As an interviewer I observered that many candidates succumb to scenario questions and the reason is they just mug up the things without digging deep.I’ve gone through many courses and often they teach the happy path and not the practical one. So I decided to give it a try.

In this course we will understand what real challanges we face in real world Angular projects and how to solve them.We will clear our basics first and then move to complex problems. A solid foundation will lead to better and cleaner code thats why we will focus on “What and Why” first before “How”. A few concepts are Angular specific and a few others are General design/programming concepts which are language agnostic. This is mix and match of both.

I hope we will learn from each other in this Journey.

Who this course is for:

  • Professional Angular developers

What you’ll learn

  • Practical scenario in Angular
  • Command concepts in Angular
  • Design Patterns in Angular
  • Improve coding in Angular


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