Android App Development: Create a Spotify Clone
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Music is one of the biggest app categories on Google Play. You have the potential to earn substantial revenue from any music app you create!

Learn the basic concepts, tools, and functions that you will need to build a fully functional Android music streaming app with the programming language, Java. Also learn how to set up your own server and upload music that your app will eventually play.

Things You’ll Learn

  • Android Studio Installation and Setup
  • Basic Streaming Functions on Android
  • How to Setup a Server (free or paid)
  • How to Automate Music File indexing on a Server Using PHP (no PHP experience necessary)
  • How to Make an Android App Communicate with a Server
  • How to Add Lock Screen Controls
  • How to Handle Audio Interruptions like Phone Calls
  • How to Create List Views and Custom List View Rows on Android
  • Dynamically Add More Data to Your App and Remote Database
  • Liking a Track Through Your Remote Database

Powerful Skills at Your Fingertips
By learning to create both Android apps as well as PHP and MYSQL backends you will become incredibly valuable to potential employers. Combining these 2 skills is the number one reason developers get hired for startups. Those startups need this information and are willing to pay for it!


Not only do you learn the ins and outs of streaming music on Android apps but this course includes a MASSIVE bonus. I teach you how to create and setup a fully functional server that does the following:

  • Automatically scan for new music uploads and add them to a MYSQL database (with no input required from you)
  • Produce PHP files that allow your app to access a backend


Content and Overview
No knowledge is needed of programming for this course but it helps. If you are a complete beginner then please take simple Java basics course FIRST.

You will be taken on a journey through:

  • How to choose between free or paid servers
  • How to code a simple streaming function on Anroid
  • How to add advanced audio features to your app
  • How to make your app talk to a server (aka – creating a backend)
  • How to report app usage statistics to your remote database

This course establishes a strong understanding of music app creation concepts and includes training on Android and Java. It also includes training on MYSQL, PHP and cPanel. Each chapter starts with an introduction and ends with a summary to help you learn even better.

Complete this course and you’ll have skills that are continuously in demand from most businesses.

Increase your value by joining now!

Credit: Promo music provided by Ben Sound

Who this course is for:

  • Those who have coded a little bit in any language should take this course
  • Complete beginners should take a Java course first (even a short one will help)

What you’ll learn

  • Create an Android Music Streaming App
  • Create a Fully Functioning Server to Stream any Media They Like
  • Understand the CORRECT way to Play Music on Android (vital information)


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