Altimate Crypto Trading on Binance Using PC
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Altimate Crypto Trading on Binance Using PC is a well explained course which has simplified cryptocurrency trading on the Spot Market. After going through this course, you will be able to easily buy and sell cryptocurrencies the right way thereby making more profits trading.

Trading using mobile phone is good since you can be able to trade anywhere as far as you are with your phone.

Notwithstanding, trading using a laptop helps you to do market analysis very well, if you know how, since the laptop screen is wider.

So, this course practicals are done using laptop (Binance Desktop App). Though, all the ideas, strategies and knowledge shared in this course is applicable in both mobile and laptop/desktop.

This course is made up of the following:

  1. Overview and introduction of Binance Platform – With this, you will masters how to navigate your way around the Binance Desktop App and what different sections are used for.
  2. Funding of Wallet – Before you can trade inside Binance, you need to fund your wallet/account. There are different ways to fund your wallet which you need to know so as not to make mistake.
  3. Withdrawal of Funds – After making profits on your trades you may want to withdraw some funds, this will expose you on how to do it the best way.
  4. Buying and Selling using Market and Limit Order – There are many order types which you have to know to maximize your trading profits. This will guide you through mastering them.
  5. Buying and Selling using Stop Limit and OCO Orders 1 & 2 – One Cancels Other order type is well explained here and will help you to prevent loss in trading.

Who this course is for:

  • All beginners

What you’ll learn

  • Easily buy and sell cryptocurrencies on Binance
  • Master Binance desktop app and how to trade with it
  • Learn different blockchain address networks to avoid loss of funds
  • Know how to send and receive coins the right way


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