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Created by: Marco Cirillo


ACOUSTIC GUITAR REDEFINED is a course for any guitar player who wants to learn how to play chords, melody, and rhythm creatively and practically.

If you are tired of playing the same static, boring chords over and over and you want to find a way to make your acoustic guitar sound more interesting without necessarily having to learn crazy stuff, then this program is definitely for you.

AS A GUITAR TEACHER, I GET THIS QUESTION A LOT: “Hey Marco, I have been playing guitar for a while, but I am stuck in a guitar rot. I want to learn a different way of playing chords and melodies so that I can get my motivation back, what should I do and which guitar lessons should I follow?”

If this is your situation, you can do three things:

Number 1: You can go on social media and try to figure things out yourself. Places such as YouTube are great, but for some people, it can be overwhelming to navigate through thousands of videos. If you want to have access to a vast amount of guitar lessons at zero cost, social media is excellent. If you want a structured program, you should avoid this step.

Number 2: Private teachers still represent the best way to learn guitar. You could get assessed by a professional guitar teacher who will be able to fix bed habit, come up with a structured program and follow you step by step. However, private tutors can be quite expensive. You will also have to deal with location and availability. If you don’t have much time available, this option doesn’t work.

Number 3: You could find an excellent online guitar course that fits your music style.  A good online guitar course is perfect if you don’t have much time available and want to practice from home. Most of the time, online guitar lessons are way cheaper than private lessons. The only downside is that don’t have support, and most of your questions will be unanswered. Also, some courses can be quite slow to follow.

With Acoustic Guitar Redefined, I did my best to put together a practical acoustic guitar course that will teach you how to spice things up in your playing without “talking” too much.

In each module, you are going to learn how to practice, play and then transform simple chord progressions.

There are three levels for each module: The Basic level, in which I will show you how to play the chords using fingerpicking technique. The Rhythmic level, where we will then add percussive technique. And the Melodic level where we will be learning a simple yet beautiful melody over the chords.

This program is perfect for beginner/intermediate guitar players who want to learn more about chords, rhythm, and melodies and finally get to play creative and exciting guitar parts.

What you’ll learn

  • Basic chords in different keys as well as extended chords such as add9, sus4, min7 etc
  • How to pluck chords and melodies using fingerpicking technique
  • How to play basic percussive techniques to spice up chords progressions and melodies
  • You will be able to play melodies over simple chord progression in different keys
  • Learn how to play the same chords in different creative ways


  • Acoustic or classical guitar
  • It is recommended but not required to know the names of the notes on the guitar neck
  • You should know how to read tabs, but knowledge of standard music notation is not required
  • You should know how to play basic chords such as C major, A minor, G major, E minor etc

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner who want to learn how to play basic chords as well as simple extended chords such as add9, sus4, mi7 etc
  • Guitar players who want to learn how to spice up chords with additional notes
  • Beginners who want to learn simple yet effective rhythmic and percussive approach on guitar such as thumb slap and body percussion
  • Take this course if you want to learn how to play simple yet beautiful melodies on guitar

HOMEPAGE – https://www.udemy.com/course/acoustic-guitar-redefined/

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