A bug bounty hunting journey
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The bug bounty hunting community is full of technical resources. However, any successful hunter will tell you that succeeding in this industry takes more than technical knowledge.Without the proper mindset, the effective tactics and the key soft skills, here is the hard truth: You won’t last in the bug bounty hunting game. You might find few bugs at first, but you won’t stand the lack of motivation and self-esteem when you can’t find bugs for few weeks. After months, the situation may even develop to burnout.If you understand and exploit known security vulnerabilities in CTF challenges but still struggle to find bugs in real-world targets, this book is for you. I wrote this book with a single purpose in mind: Help you understand and master essential skills to become a successful bug bounty hunter, in an entertaining way.To achieve this goal, I designed the book around the story of Anna, a fictitious Junior Security Engineer who has just heard of bug bounty hunting. Throughout her fascinating journey, you will witness all the steps she took to get started the right way. You will observe all the limits she discovers about herself, and you will grasp all the proven solutions she came up with to overcome them, collect 1000 reputation points and earn her first $5000 along the way.Whether you have just started or have spent years in this industry, you will undoubtedly identify with the different hurdles of the story. I am sure you will add some missing tricks to your toolset to succeed in bug bounty hunting.At the end of the story, you will find technical appendices that support Anna’s journey. There, you will find how to approach a bug bounty program for the first time, and how to perform in-depth web application hacking to increase your chances of finding bugs. You can read this book from cover to cover while bookmarking the pivot points along the story. Then, you can go back to each crucial moment whenever you face the same situation.Sit tight and enjoy the ride!

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