[2023] Recruiting: Talent Acquisition & Hiring (Version 3.2)
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Be able to hire great people by learning from a former Fortune 500 recruiter!

5/5 Stars: “It is a good match as someone with no prior background in recruitment. I have an immediate and good understanding of the key aspects of finding the right candidates for the company I work for.” – Kamara Archer

5/5 Stars: “It is definitely a good match. I have learned so much from identifying the right candidates through choice, match and communication to the power of referral-based modality, the candidate journal and hacks to wind up with the best candidate.” – Vivian Felicen

How to Hire: Your 5-Step Roadmap to Hiring Employees!

  • Lead the HR / hiring process for your company or team
  • Write compelling job descriptions that attract candidates
  • Recruitment of candidates through referrals and from the general public
  • Use of LinkedIn as a recruiting tool
  • Perform phone screens and interviews with candidates
  • Negotiate salaries and contracts with new hires
  • Manage the decision-making process and extend job offers
  • Earn your Recruiting and Hiring Certificate fast!

Who this course is for:

  • Recruiters and HR professionals looking to make great hires
  • Team leaders who need to recruit or filter through internal candidate applications
  • Entrepreneurs or business owners responsible for managing their own hiring process

What you’ll learn

  • Define an ideal candidate profile that includes skills and issues related to culture fit
  • Write a job description that attracts candidates
  • Attract high-quality candidates through referral recruiting and, in some cases, by maintaining a passive candidate stroke file
  • Use phone screens to filter out unmatched candidates and save time on interviews
  • Invite constructive engagement with stakeholders while working to eliminate bias
  • Negotiate compensation agreements with new hires

HOMEPAGE – https://www.udemy.com/course/make-great-hires-recruiting-interviewing-hiring/

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