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Over the years I have found a few valubale tips that if you follow them, even as a beginner you can make your work and your videos look amazing and professional. Often times it comes down to NOT making certain mistakes rather than excelling in every single thing.

Items mentioned in the class:

  • White Balance Cards
  • Color Checker:
  • Affordable but good LED light:
  • Softbox that fits the light:
  • RGB light panel for background light
  • Paper backdrops:
  • Affordable but good Lav-Mic
  • Affordable but good Shotgun Mic I personally use
  • Amazing sounding Podcast Mic for Voiceover and co:

The goal of the class

You will learn all you need to start making your own first videos. The topics indlude:

  • Optimal camera settings
  • How to set perfect white balance
  • When and when not to shoot in LOG profiles
  • Simple but effective framing principles
  • Which focal lenghts to use
  • Easy lighting setups
  • Having a good looking background
  • Shooting for the edit
  • How to get proper audio quality
  • The value of a clean edit

and much more! 

HOMEPAGE – https://www.skillshare.com/classes/10-Simple-Secrets-to-Make-Your-Videos-Look-Professional/1887806410

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