#1 Professional Email Signature Creation: Photoshop to HTML
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When I was 18/19 years I was earning £500+ per month developing a photoshop to fully responsive HTML email signature. The beauty of this was I did not need any coding knowledge… Photoshop did 80% of the work for me. I want to show you my secret and hassle-free method of creating a professional full responsive email signature you can apply to your emails without needing to know code.

I also take this course one step further by showing you how I started a pretty passive side business which generated over £500 per month when I was only 18/19 years old and how I automated it. I take you through the whole journey in a NO JARGON, realistic teaching structure you will understand!

I give you all the tools and templates you need to not only create professional and high converting email signatures but ALSO to start a side business and 90% auto-pilot selling email signatures.

In this course I will walk you through, step by step on how to create an email signature using photoshop and then making that email signature live and clickable. Once you have the foundations in place, I will then show you how to setup your own email signature business and where you can find leads and automate the process.

This is an indepth and straight to the point course unlike anything else on the email signature market. I’ve been providing email signatures since I was 18-19 years old. I have a wealth of experience in email signatures and online activities. If you’ve been looking for a course to finally setup a email signature for you with zero tech, enroll today.

If you purchase my course you will also get:

– My Email Signature course (Valued @ £299)

– Training on how to build a sales funnel (Valued @ £97)

– Training on how to build a full-blown dropshipping site in 30 minutes (Valued @ £297)

– Training on how to find viral content (Valued @ £67)

– Discounts on Hosting and Domain Purchases

– Extra training on other easy to use website/sales funnel builders  (Valued @ £97)

– Video training on “5 Things Costing Your Small Business Leads”  (Valued @ £97)

– Introduction to my favourite social media automation tool (Valued @ £17)

– 1 Hour training video on how you can easily almost replicate any website using a drag and drop website builder (Valued @ £147)

– Training on what a sales funnel is and how it can be used (Valued @ £67)

– Exclusive lifetime access to my facebook group where you can ask me anything related to email signature  (Valued @ £997)

This means you will be getting £2182 worth of content for just a small price of this email signature course!

Who this course is for:

  • Small Business Owners
  • Freelancers
  • Marketers
  • Bloggers
  • Anyone who cares about branding
  • Anyone who wants to create more opportunities for themselves

What you’ll learn

  • Intro to photoshop
  • Resources to use to help with design
  • General psychology of an email signature
  • Designing your email signature
  • Slicing your signature
  • Exporting the code for your signature (+ Code premade code)
  • Naming your Brackets files
  • Adding code into Brackets
  • Adding hyperlinks to your images
  • Adding call now code to your images
  • Adding email now code to your images
  • Common problems you will have and why
  • How to solve the problems
  • How to setup Hosting + Domain
  • How to prepare your files to upload onto your hosting
  • Unzipping your files on your hosting
  • How to find the url to see your hosted email signature
  • Copying your email signature
  • Location of your email signature box in Gmail and Hotmail
  • Ensuring all settings are correct
  • Pasting your signature and saving your signature.
  • Starting your own email signature business
  • Where you can find customers
  • Where you can find other ad copy and use it as your own
  • How you can upsell your avg order value
  • How to use facebook paid advertising to generate leads
  • Understanding how to use Facebook ad manager
  • Understand how to create a facebook campaign
  • How to create a landing page using a all in one solution
  • How to create a thank you page with a “one time discount upsell”

HOMEPAGE – https://www.anonymz.com/?https://www.udemy.com/course/photoshop-design-into-an-html-email-signature-2019-novice/

How to block Zippyshare ads – https://youtu.be/f9Q8WGL-2MA

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habib · June 22, 2022 at 6:15 pm

hey.where is zip password . i can’t open it .please reply as fast as possible.

    admin · June 23, 2022 at 10:28 am

    There is no need for a password…. Use WinRar to extract the files.

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